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Russell Don

Russell (Rus) grew up with a family who had deep-seated roots in the hospitality industry; this is where he inherited his passion for the business. In fact, the restaurant business is synonymous with his life work. He started out in the industry as a busboy, worked a number of line positions, and at the age of 15, became the manager of a snack bar at an exclusive country club in Highland Park,.... Read More

Tamar Harpaz

Tamar does not fit the typical marketing stereotype. She brings a refreshing and creative perspective to Ohio Restaurant Recruiters. Her role is to work with staff to present an accurate, yet cutting-edge image to the business. She does this through artistic input concerning all aspects of mark.... Read More

Betsy Stone Don

Betsy has more than 40 years of restaurant industry experience; she has worked in many capacities. At the age of 15, she started out in the business bussing tables at a local restaurant in Cleveland, OH. Five years later, she founded "Nutcracker Sweets" - a unique, mail order baked-goods.... Read More

Indus Net Industries

Ohio Restaurant Recruiters is pleased to have Indus Net Technologies as a partner and ongoing consultant. Indus Net is a leading global web designer and consultant and has earned a reputation for being one of the best in the world.

Indus Net knows that the Internet and all the technology .... Read More

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